Facebook Marketplace Auto Reply Service

Create a Facebook Marketplace Auto Reply for your most asked questions today!

We know how frustrating it is to be asked “is it still available?” all time, but look no further, you have come to the right place to get the help you need to set up your own Facebook Marketplace Auto Reply. One of our experts will advise you and help set everything up in no time.

Facebook Marketplace Auto Reply

How to set auto reply in Facebook Marketplace?

When using Facebook marketplace it’s normal to receive dozens if not hundreds of messages per day. Most messages are likely to contain the same questions which could be replied to with standard auto replies. For this reason and since it’s important to reply as soon as possible to not lose the interest of the customer, we have speciallized in this problem and after years of experimenting different options we have found the best way to solve it. Book a consulting session so we can help you set up autoreplies for the listings you have created from your personal facebook account.

Things you will be able to do:

What if it doesn't work

If it doesn’t work we will refund you in 3 working days.

Want to see the Auto Response tool in action?

We created this listing so you can send a message and see how it works:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. You can write custom auto replies to the most common questions you receive. You can include your phone number, address, link to your website, etc. You can also ask them other questions to filter out leads by their responses (this can be especially usefull for real estate agents).

Yes, if for some reason this is not the solution you were looking for you can just email us to get a refund.

Yes you can, this feature is available in the PRO subscription which costs $19/month.

Yes, our auto reply for Facebook Marketplace works in every country where Facebook Marketplace is active. 

Please get in contact using chat at the bottom of the page or use the form in the following link: https://nerdy-panda.com/contact/ 

Yes, send customers an auto reply with information about the specific listing they are asking about. Include the price of the product or any other information you didn’t include in the listing or that you would like to clarify.