Unique Auto Reply for Each Listing on Facebook Marketplace

Reply Only with Information Relevant to Each Listing

Replying to customers can be very time consuming and a generic auto reply doesn’t always do the job, specially when you want to include specific links to bring traffic back to your website. This is where our solution comes in to save you time and reduce friction in your sales funnel.

Facebook Marketplace Auto Reply

How to Create Unique Auto Replies for Each Listing in Facebook Marketplace?

You can have your own unique auto reply for each listing on Facebook Marketplace in just 5 minutes by following these steps (no need to share your username and password):

Things you will be able to do:

Want to see the Auto Response tool in action?

We created this listing so you can send a message and see how it works:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. You can write custom auto replies to the most common questions you receive. You can include your phone number, address, link to your website, etc. You can also ask them other questions to filter out leads by their responses (this can be especially usefull for real estate agents).

Yes, you can sign up here and you will get 100 auto replies for free so you can confirm it works. 

Yes, you can upload all the information about your products and about your business in general and our tool will reply automatically using AI so you don’t need to type in all the questions your customers normally ask. 

Yes, our auto reply for Facebook Marketplace works in every country where Facebook Marketplace is active. 

Please get in contact using chat at the bottom of the page or use the form in the following link: https://nerdy-panda.com/contact/ 

Yes, send customers an auto reply with information about the specific listing they are asking about. Include the price of the product or any other information you didn’t include in the listing or that you would like to clarify.